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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Maker
Location akela, nm, United States
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Introduction Writer and Publisher. Treasure Hunter. Metal Detector Specialist. Gem Specialist and Lapidary. Master Leathersmith. Stone Carver. Hemp Activist. Political Activist. Numismatist.
Interests Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. Apples. Coffee. Treasure Hunting. Space, Archaeology, A-grav, Scalar Energy, Pyramids, Science in general, as defined by reality, not some clod in a suit. Geology, Lapidary, Sculpture, Gemstones, Beads. Ratboys, both types (Go Here:, Building, Billding, Surfing, Skateboarding, Jet-ski, Underwater Metal Detecting. Fishing. Rockhounding.
Favorite Movies Holmes For The Holidays, Jacobs Ladder, Apocalypse Now, Firestarter, Matrix, Dune trilogy, Sling Blade, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, Lawnmower Man, The Saint, Terminator(s), Predator(s), .
Favorite Music Techno, Goth, Industrial, Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Rap.
Favorite Books DUNNS CONUNDRUM & THE GOD (GAMES OF DEFENSE) PROJECT by Stan Lee, Fingerprints of the Gods, The Mars Mystery, and Message Of The Sphinx all by Graham Hancock; Holy Blood Holy Grail and The Messianic Legacy by Lincoln Leigh Baigent; All Mark Twain; All John Steinbeck; All Noel Hume; All Frank Herbert; All Joseph Conrad; All Robert Heinlein; All Douglas Adams; ALL Theodore Sturgeon; All Arthur Clark; All Henry David Thoreau; All Kurt Vonnegut; All Samuel R. Delaney; All JD Salinger; All Stephen King; All Harlan Ellison; All Joe Wambaugh; All John Grisham; All Robert McCammon; All David Hatcher Childress; All Jerry E. Smith; Rand Flem-Ath & Colin Wilson -The Atlantis Blueprint; All Jim Keith: All Orson Scott Card; All Ursula K. Leguin, All Anne Mccaffrey; All Elmore Leonard; All Tom Robbins; Philip K. Dick; Tom Bearden; Wilhelm Reich; Patricia Anthonys COLD ALLIES & CRADLE OF SPLENDOR; A Canticle For Liebowitz, Miller; All Isaac Asimov; Political Truth (Barry and The Boys: The Cia The Mob and Americas Secret History -- Hopsicker), Investigative Journalism (Spooks: The Haunting Of America), many more too numerous to list.