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Introduction Five solas, doctrines of grace, covenant of redemption (Covenant Theology is not the servant of infant baptism), Traditional Text, King James Version only; doing the two great commandments of Christ at the practical level (i.e. actually doing them); and recovering by degree the full image of God. This is the foundation I stand on and build upon.
Interests the Triune God, prayer, fasting, complete Bible readings, sanctification, glorification, heaven, assaulting heaven
Favorite Music Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Sibelius, Bruckner, Victoria, Handel
Favorite Books Bible AV1611, Homer, Wealth of Nations, On War, Teellinck, Plutarch, Thucydides, Witsius, Human Nature in its Fourfold State, Calvin, God Heaven and Har Magedon, Geerhardus Vos, Fourth Way, Pilgrim's Progress, Berkhof