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Introduction "It wasn't always like this. We weren't always on the outside looking in. There was a time when we all lived together in the same country and the country was large enough to hold all of our dreams and hopes, wide enough that our differences were not so pronounced, there was room for all of us. We weren't always afraid. There were times when we felt fear, but our unity prevailed, and our common goals kept us together. We were stronger because of each other. We weren't always looking at each other across enemy lines. It wasn't always black or white, good or evil, with us or against us, conservative or liberal. Just as we have become isolated from the rest of the world inside a bubble of our own making, we have also become separate from each other. My voice alone was small, so I asked my friends to join me. Friends that, strangely, I have never met, but friends that I trust. They took my voice and harmonized, they added drums and horns, and what was only a soft melody became a song and then a symphony. These are my friends. These are our voices. Young and Old. Gay and straight. Men and women. Rich and poor. We're proud Americans. We are the Blue Voice." -- Tankwoman