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Introduction For over twenty years, James Aach has been employed in the American nuclear power industry as a staff engineer. During this time his duties have included the investigation of numerous equipment malfunctions and emergency reactor shutdowns. Mr. Aach has also investigated several incidents involving excessive radiation exposure, as well as a number of cases where federal regulations were violated. During his career, Mr. Aach has had the opportunity to discuss the challenges facing the nuclear industry with atomic workers from across the nation and he has developed many contacts with expertise in areas as diverse as reactor physics, public evacuation planning and the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island accidents. James Aach has a degree in Engineering, with his primary area of study having been electric power production, including the use of fossil fuels and alternative sources such as solar energy. Concerned about the world’s energy needs, Mr. Aach maintains an active interest in all energy technologies, and in other resource issues.