-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot

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Industry Accounting
Occupation Saving Indelible Souls (love you, sis)
Location Topeka, KS, carrying our Cross: shouldn't be tooo difficult to spot for some proud, Isis cretin-from-Hell to waste me. I'm pretty excited: we A-L-L gotsta go sometime. Sad I should be a martyr. I'm so nthn.
Introduction Better lockNload, baby: --> NRA.org <--
Favorite Movies 1 life, dude, 1 chance. We're all on the stage of a play and, when the curtain closes, TheEnd: Jesus judges US on what WE have done - never could see why people couldn't understand that. Totally ain't interested in whorizontal poli/ticks which suck thy blood - follow immortal God, not the sand-wigga-Mohammed-who-gits-children-impregnated-and-then-blowsMup. Why? Hell exists as does Heaven: we cannot be neutral in our lifelong demise precisely because Jesus WILL NOT be neutral at our Divine Judgment. Deal->With->It!! I do. Meet me Upstairs, girly, and I'll be your faithfull, everlasting servant, or don't say we nva gve ya NRG to climb the mountain.
Favorite Music bd H-bomb, baby ...AAAND that's the way UH-HUH UH-HUH I like it. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL
Favorite Books Get it? Roamin' Cat? Roman Catholic? That's MY favorite novel