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Gender MALE
Occupation Beer brewing, rabble rousing, church planter guy
Location Austin, TX, United States
Introduction Who am I? Good question.
I spent 14 years in software, 4 years in seminary, and the last 7 planting a church for people who've given up on church. Along the way I've brewed beer, smoked pipes, written sacred music, played it in bars. I fish for wild Montana trout as often as I can.

I've got one wife, three kids, and a rascally old yellow lab who's not quite dead yet. I'm a hopeless romantic, a consummate failure, and my heart aches for home. I continue to be amazed at this thing called The Gospel.

And now I'm here, on sabbatical in Austin, TX, trying to discern where God's leading us next. If it were up to me, I'd spend the rest of my life planting churches, or opening a brewery, or maybe both. I am a pilgrim in progress, and this is the land of my sojourn...
Interests Good americanos, great beer, elk steak medium-rare, and fine cigars (preferably with scotch). I own a Yeti Pipe, a Lowden Guitar, and an Orvis fly rod. I enjoy songwriting, making music, fly fishing with my son. Over the years, I've discovered I love people even more than I love Montana. And I've been completely undone by the gospel of Jesus.
Favorite Movies Pirates of the Caribbean, Hero, Sherlock Holmes, Skyfall, Gravity, Moonrise Kingdom, The Hobbit.
Favorite Music Rich Mullins, Mumford & Sons, Richard Shindell, David Crowder Band
Favorite Books Harry Potter, Lit (Mary Karr), Still (Lauren Winner). A River Runs Through It (Norman McLean), Savage Sam (Fred Gipson), The Tale of Desperaux (Kate DeCamillo), Answering God (Eugene Peterson), and pretty much anything by C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien.