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Introduction I was born and raised in Russia, now I live in Ohio with my husband Mr.Goldie, my sons LilProgrammer (15) and ChinchillaBoy (12) and our dog Sparky (2). We also had a chinchilla, but he didn't like it in Ohio so he moved to NYC. I am 18 years old with 23 years experience. I like to read and drink, sometimes simultaneously.
Interests i am mostly interested in living.
Favorite Movies Shows: South Park, Family Guy, Malcolm In The Middle, Two and a Half Men, other Movies: The Fly, Animal House, other
Favorite Music classic rock, although I'm partial to 70s disco
Favorite Books most fantasy/scifi, some nonfiction, some fiction. Terry Pratchett, GRRM, Amy Tan is my new hero, others without count.

Unlike a dog, how can a turtle ever be naked?

Yes, it can!