About me

Gender Female
Occupation In home child care
Location Wisconsin, United States
Introduction I'm a virgo ;), 22 years old and my husband Ben is 25. We have been married since Sept. of 01 and have two wonderful little girls; Adrionna born 03/24/03 and Isabella born 07/10/04. We were very lucky to have been able to concieve our children so easily and also feel lucky to have such wonderful and smart girls. I am a VERY passionate person. I am loving and caring. I am shy but try to be assertive. Just some things that I am very passionate about are breastfeeding and attachment parenting. I am extremely anti-circumcision and anti-physical discipline. A lot in my life revolves around my children and family. They really make me the person I am. I am a very girly girl and that shows thru in my girls also, LOL. I love being a stay a home mother right now. I plan to pursue a career a a real estate agent when my children are older and are attending school.
Interests My family, reading, digital artistry, hiking, scrapbooking and going up to our cottage when the weather is warm.
Favorite Movies Uptown girls, Man on Fire, The Little Princess (and many other Shirley Temple films), The Deep End of the Ocean, Coyote Ugly, Wild Things and many, many more.
Favorite Music Jewel, Sara Mclauclan, Enya, Eminem, Paul Johnson And much more.
Favorite Books Any book by Dean Koontz. I also like some parenting books, Dr. Sears is pretty good. Beware of Ezzo (BabyNOTwise).

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