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Industry Museums or Libraries
Location Canada
Introduction Maktaaq now blogs at

"Maktaaq, a high-calorie snack of raw whale's skin."

"Maktaaq promotes normal bone and tooth development, develops good night vision, good for healthy skin, bones and teeth and helps fight infections."

"Maktaaq, a widely enjoyed delicacy eaten by Inuit, contains high levels of PCBs and other toxic chemicals."

Some of Maktaaq's favourite artists are Otto Dix, Edward Gorey and George Herriman.
Interests Visual arts, folkart, books, oral history, the supernatural, zoology, maps, languages, travel, gluttony, hanafuda, atse-muite-hui, weird
Favorite Movies Delicatessan, Ring, My Life as a Dog, The Emperor's New Groove (dubbed in Japanese), Shrek, Shrek 2, Black Adder, Kids in the Hall
Favorite Music Depeche Mode, The Covenant, Skinny Puppy, Die Arzte, Die Toten Hosen, Trio, other one hit wonders, Voltaj, Wu Bai, Love Psychedelico, Ozone, Okinawan music, Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra
Favorite Books George Herriman, Kobo Abe, Tove Jansson, Edward Gorey, Henry James, Jane Austen, John Steinbeck, Bizarro, Far Side, For Better or For Worse, Carl Barks, Gegege no Kitaro

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I am an onion and I have layers.