Ms. World

About me

Gender Female
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation World Traveler
Introduction Diva C is a former English teacher on the Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program where she spread the gospel of love, travel, and the complexity & greatness of African-Americans in Toyama-ken for the last 2 years. Diva C has a master's degree in journalism and previously worked as a business reporter. She left a good job to pursue her dream of traveling as much of the world as possible. Diva C has laid her hat in Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Netherlands, Britain, France, Sweden, Australia, Taiwan, Denmark, Scotland, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Malta. She is continuing her reign as Ms. World by embarking on a medium/long-term travel adventure beginning in early August 2005.
Interests Travel, literature, writing, God (spirituality), cinema, current affairs, domestic & international politics, African-American issues, Africa, media, women's issues, the African diaspora, India, the South Asian diaspora, colored people, Britain, education, economics/class issues, civil rights, communities, and family, Partying with friends.
Favorite Movies Arnaud Desplechin's My Sex Life...Or How I Got Into An Argument
Favorite Music Too varied & many to lists.
Favorite Books See answer above.

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