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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Occupation Tutor
Location Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Introduction Humanity is in need of a Just Social Order; a way of life that protects men and women from the deceptions that this world can trap one into. In order to truly bring about this 'Renaissance' within the fixed area of man's existance, we must turn to the root of the different philosophies that man offered to the world; from there do we then choose the revolution which will bring about this great change. For this reason, I am in complete agreement with the Islamic Revolution brought about by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). With his revolution, was the human changed not only externally, but also internally; it was the absolute greatest internal revolution which led to the spreading of Islam, not by the sword, but by the hearts! Conquering a land is easy, but conquering a heart... well, you will need one heck of a philosophy! I humbly welcome you to my blog.
Interests Achieving toto revolution of human being, Computers, Volunteering at The Mosque, Dhikr, halaqas, Islamic conventions, daydreaming, Sufism, Islam, all 9 levels of Jihad fi Sabeelillah, philistine, tassawuf, Tanzeem (IONA), Khilafah, Iqamat ud Deen, Iman, Ibadah, Shahadah 'Alan Naas, MSA, Qur'an, Dr. Israr Ahmad, Shaykh Omar Baloch, Malcolm X
Favorite Movies The Message, The Last Samurai, Braveheart, Lion of the Desert
Favorite Music Qur'an and Nasheed
Favorite Books The Holy Qur'an, Ghazali & The Poetics of Imagination, Jerusalem in the Qur'an, Forcing God's Hand, and Obligations Muslims owe to the Qur'an

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