About me

Gender Female
Occupation Mom & Wife
Location Connecticut, United States
Introduction I'm a mid-twenties, married stay-at-home-mom to a three year old little girl and a newborn. I'm one of those people who are never happy with what they have and I'm constanly searching for that "something more" that I feel I am lacking. I love my husband with all my heart, but always seem to drift back into thinking about "the good old days" of pre-marriage/kids crazy times. I'm a total redneck of the north minus the mobile home and racism. I lean more toward the conservative way of thinking, but I'll have a liberal outburst now and then. I'm always pissed off about something, so be forewarned. Also, don't forget to drop me a comment; knowing people actually read this makes my day.
Interests Animals, health, sleep, guns, men, parenting, depression
Favorite Movies Dazed and Confused, Kids, Babe, Garden State
Favorite Music Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Toby Keith, Gary Allan, Tom Petty, Skillet, Seven Day Jesus, The Eagles, Tanya Tucker, Waylon Jennings, Tone Loc, pretty much anything as long as its not too ghetto or classical

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