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Industry Government
Occupation writer. kind of.
Location United States
Interests skim milk, angst, blogs, politics, literature, bookstores, candles, comics, writing, music, anime, pepperjack cheese, writing on graphpaper, libraries, feminism
Favorite Movies Howl's Moving Castle, Ever After, The Goonies, Fight Club, Love Actually, The Lord of the Rings, Kill Bill, The Lion King, Star Wars, Brick, Tokyo Godfathers, Princess Mononoke, Marie Antoinette, My Neighbor Totoro, Whisper of the Heart
Favorite Music Placebo, Garbage, Collective Soul, Tool, Third Eye Blind, Suga Shikao, Franz Ferdinand, Suneohair, Yoko Kanno, System of a Down, The Seat Belts, Yuki Kajiura, Olivia Lufkin, Anna Tsuchiya, Fall Out Boy, Electric Six, Gnarls Barkley The Buffy Musical, Les Miserables, The Prince of Egypt
Favorite Books The Blind Assassin, White Teeth, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, China Mountain Zhang, Snow Crash, Princess Academy, The Stand, Lincoln's Melancholy, The Bell Jar, Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Lullaby, The Hunger Games, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Gone With the Wind, To Kill A Mockingbird, Les Miserables, Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Fahrenheit 451, The Golden Compass, Caddie Woodlawn, The Scarlet Letter, Neverwhere Series: Little House on the Prairie, Animorphs, Tales of the Otori, Harry Potter, The Dark Tower, Lord of the Rings, Redwall (in order of publication before The Outcast of Redwall), Protector of the Small, Westmark

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

Um. Plastic silverware? Seems fairly obvious to me, :P