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Gender Male
Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Shutdown Corner
Location Ca$hville, Tennesee, United States
Introduction This Pacman, coming at you live, one time. I was born and raised in the A, and my mom named me Pac-Man after the whites at my school made fun of me for being called "Adam." Shit man, what I got to worry about now? About the time of my name change is where I really got to know Jimmy Law, me and him see each other routinely nowadays. Where I'm from, if you have a bad game, you don't practice hard next week. Naw. You go to a bar, get fucked up, and the first person to ask you for a autograph, steal em in they grill. Then, say you was drunk, it wasn't even your fault cause you couldn't remember one got damn thing that transpired in that muhfucka. I guess I skipped that whole college part of my life; I went to West Vagina University, where my finest barfight went down. Number one corner in the NCAA in history what son? I thought not BLAT holla out.
Interests Ballin, Stealing, Straight Hustlin' out there
Favorite Movies Scarface, Remember The Titans (naw shit)
Favorite Music Hip Hop son
Favorite Books Shit man I don't even know my own playbook

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

What's the point of tackling someone when your fucking linebackers can't even plug a fucking two gap?