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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Freelancer
Location Forbidden City, U.S. Outlying Islands
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Introduction My Profile is Broken
Interests Pulsating
Favorite Movies Belle Epoque, Betty Blue, Dead Man, Coffee and Cigarettes, Down by Law, Henry Fool, The Point, Man Facing Southwest, No Such Thing, Zabriskie Point, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Snatch, Stranger Than Paradise, Buffalo 66, Once Upon a Time in New York City, Once Upon a Time in the West, Trust, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Bad Santa
Favorite Music Antony and the Johnsons, Bardo Pond, Chris Whitley, The Feelies, Joe Henry, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, The Mekons, Mindless Self Indulgence, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Wilco, World Party, Waco Brothers, Rachel Yamagata, Galaxy 500, Gibby Haynes & His Problem, Van Morrison, New Pornographers, Mojo Nixon, My Morning Jacket, Mourning Wood, Explosions in the Sky
Favorite Books Blood Meridian, Suttree, Dr. Sleep, Foucault's Pendulum, Gravity's Skidmark, The Island of the Day Before, Manchild in the Promised Land, The Dogs of God, The Long Walk, -*(Słavomir Rawicz)*-, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, The Magus, The Road, The Snow Leopard, The Tao Te Ching, The Tao of Pooh, The Tao of Physics, The Tao of Willie

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

Omniformis Omnis Intellectus Est ... It is right, it is fitting, it is much as in me lies.