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Occupation Registered Nurse
Location United States
Introduction I'm passionate about God, farming, and eating low carb. In that order. I've also converted over to gluten free, for health reasons. No, I am not gluten intolerant nor do I have celiac. But I do live with roomates who are both gluten intolerant, whose father was recently diagnosed with celiac. I'd rather cook GF than watch them suffer. So all my recipes from November 2014 will be GF unless noted otherwise. And last but not least, I am a big advocate for real food. As in, grown in the dirt of my own back yard. Milked from the udders of my own cows. Raised happy and healthy till humanely slaughtered. It's the way God meant it to be, and I do my best within my capabilities to be good to my food. That's it, for now. If anything changes I will keep your posted.