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Introduction I am on a life long journey of ecological awareness, on the way to sustainability and permaculture, but refusing to give up beauty in the name of pure function. Pure functionality is required for the body, but beauty is required for the soul. This all started with some simple landscape beds and some fruit trees. Then I planted a few tomatoes and peppers in the small vegetable garden. When I ran out of my city backyard, I sold the boat, got 3 acres in the ruburbs, and then the dream of retiring and expiring in my own little botanical garden took hold. Common sense and sustainability soon became a priority. Some of the landscape plants began to give way for food producing flora. And, the move to organic techniques, along with some "food forest" and edible landscape visions, appeared. Certainly at times, it appears that this multi-decade project is a long shot, and with today's world working solidly against the stability that is required for such an undertaking. So, here we are in the middle. It still takes a lot of imagining to see the final vision out here, if there even is such a thing as a final vision, in this constant evolution of New Dawn.