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Occupation Transpersonal Growth Facilitator
Location Dana Point, California, United States
Introduction Karen is a gifted medical intuitive, spiritual teacher, author and healing facilitator. Born a high-level empath with natural clairvoyant abilities, she kept her abilities to herself until a series of synchronistic events led her into the healing field. To further refine her skills, she formally trained with Masters in multiple disciplines including: Naturopathy, Energy Medicine, Sacred geometry, Somatic body Work, Kinesiology, Transpersonal Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy. This lead to the creation of her own healing modality; "Transformational Awareness. Karen utilizes her intuitive skills to guide her patients out of stuck patterns, uncovering the root cause of the presenting challenge, enabling them to achieve true healings, expanding their consciousness, and living their lives in a high vibrational state.
Interests Metaphysics, Nutrition, reading, Yoga, Hiking, Writing, Meditating, Running, Swimming, Being in nature, Acting, Dancing, Singing, and Sculpting.