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Industry Technology
Occupation I used to be an SE, now I do the same job with more writing and less title.
Location Milton, Georgia, United States
Interests Painting, Sewing, Building, Complaining, Pretty much anything that keeps me from hiding under the bed. I try not to do that to often because the cats don't like to be crowded under there.
Favorite Movies I like lots of movies but not any bad ones. If I tried to list them all here there would be no room for anything else on the whole blog. Maybe if you're really interested I'll give you a screen shot of my NetFlix ratings.
Favorite Music I LOVE music of all kinds. I was a music major (for a while) in college (I think that was major number 3 that I didn't get). I'm a trained opera singer who doesn't have an operatic voice. So mainly I sing along with the car radio. I also took piano for 15+ years. Despite all that I have a pretty broad definition of music. I'll listen to everything from Death metal (which my husband introduced me to) to Japanese opera (which I ran into in college). If it has a beat I'll dance (badly) to it.
Favorite Books I LOVE books! I'm a big fan of C.S.Lewis, Tolkein and Douglas Adams (who inspired my current wallpaper). I also have a healthy respect for the clasics, especially since my husband got me a Kindle and I can get them for free from My list of books to read includes SciFi and Fantacy, political commentary, biographies, and anything my friends write. Lately I've been reading every completed fanfic on SycophantHex and anticipate being cought up to present within a year (also thanks to the Kindle and I love my husband who gave it to me). Arg, stupid need for commas, C.S.Lewis, Tolkein, Douglas Adams, clasics, SciFi, Fantacy, political commentary, biographies, anything my friends write, Harry Potter Fanfic, my favorite source of stuff to read:

You can punch a hole in an apple using a straw. How do you think that makes your milkshake feel?

My milkshake made me gain two pounds Monday, so I'm not all that concerned with soothing it's feelings at the moment!