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Gender MALE
Introduction 10 quick facts about me:
1: A fresh college Graduate.

2: singer / actor

3: a flirt, yes, promiscuous, no, virgin, no, frankly i only have sex if i have a boyfriend.

4: I dont drink, I dont smoke.

5: I Hardly go to parties, my nightlife only consists of a concert / theater play and starbucks after the event.

6: I have had a total of 5 ex-boyfriends. starting when i was on my 4th year high school.

7: I am out, as far as i can remember, my family are open minded yet a bit of a conservative type, religious yes, but not to the point that they consider homosexuality a ticket to the fires of hell.

8: my fifth ex boyfriend, informed me before the turn of the year via skype that he just got tested positive for HIV in his home country (australia).

09: the confirmatory results told me that, I am, HIV positive.

10: I am not dying, I am Living, HIV isn't a hindrance of living a life that I wanted.
Interests singing, acting, swimming.
Favorite Music Soul Music, Soul RnB.