About me

Industry Non-Profit
Location Denver, Colorado, United States
Introduction In the next forty days I will be in CO, VA, CA, NY, IL, VT and NC... and that is how it goes. More often than not I am wading through a sea of ADHD stress balls screaming at departure monitors and complaining about taking off their belts and shoes. Not I. Its not that I agree with the liberty stripping Patriot Act enforcing militant TSA policies... I just don't care. This is MY time. Because normally I'm chained to my desk of one of my 3 jobs, taking care of my 2 kids or attempting to keep up with my ridiculously attractive and amazing younger girlfriend. So I welcome these times... I don't even notice... I don't care that some baby is screaming in the back of plane or the CSA is the rudest individual on planet earth. I am alone... a feeling I don’t get to enjoy that often.
Interests With hard cover book in one and my roll along bag in the other I coast through the chaotic sea of the airport with the grace of Terrell Davis cutting through the defensive line in the 97 Super bowl. I’m thinking a few things... I hope Obama breaks his ankle on his next jump shot and... where is the next place I am going to get my next amazing meal... See Guy Fieri has nothing on me... I have been to more Diners, Drive ins and dives than he or his producers could contemplate.
Favorite Movies I don’t waste my time trolling through some kitchen, I get to business... scoping out the attractive service staff and the plates (or baskets) of food that will have me dreaming for more. I have eaten the best hot dog in every major city in America -- I can also tell you that New York Style pizza kicks the crap out of Chicago style... I have had Buffalo wings in Buffalo, Ice cream in Vermont, Clam Chowder in Boston, Lobster in Maine, Blue Crab in Virginia, Gumbo in Louisiana, and Rocky Mountain oysters in Colorado... My pallet isn’t distinguished its traveled. And I will be the first to tell you... normally if it’s got one name, broken floor boards, a neon sign or a line out the door I'd rather take it 10 to 1 over the Ritz. My life is perfect... I wouldn't change a thing. thanks for following along.
Favorite Music Country
Favorite Books Atlas Shrugged