About me

Location United States
Introduction I'm in my 50s, married, three kids. I've been a pastor for 25 years, about half of that as a Navy chaplain. In the Navy, I deployed 3 times to the Middle East, the last of which involved combat in Iraq. I resigned in 2007 to take the position of Senior Pastor at a mid-sized church in Sioux Falls. I have a BA in history and an M.Div from Calvin Seminary. In July 2015 began a 1-year residency in Clinical Pastoral Education. When I started, I decided not to put my name to this blog, aiming to protect the church from the headache readers might create when a pastor takes controversial positions. Those headaches could come from people who think God has personally authored their own opinions, so anyone who disagrees must be heretical; or from people who think I am claiming divine sanction for my own views. Neither is the case. Over the years, the need for anonymity has diminished. At best it was only a half-secret anyway and in case you’re still wondering, PNR is Eric Verhulst. But I say again, these views are my own. I didn’t get a letter from God, and on these matters I do not speak for the church, my present employer, or even my own family. It’s just some of what I think.