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Gender MALE
Industry Marketing
Occupation writer
Location Gig Harbor, WA, United States
Introduction If you care, you probably already know me, if you're curious, email me. I'm a fan of art, international films & music. I love good knives, specifically large tactical folders and small fixed blades, but most high quality knives in general. I camp, I shoot pistols and rifles, I fish. I am fond of animals. People could learn a lot from animals, like how to shut their mouths and just live. I'm Seattle-born. I hate: talk radio, fakes, animal-abusers, loudmouths, braggarts, ignorance and broken glass. I still believe in honor and wisdom and trying to do what's right.
Interests Tactical knives, Filipino and other martial arts, music, guitars, effects pedals, muppets, noisemaking devices, primitive weapons, improvised weapons, experimental weapons, percussion, bass, guns, Glocks, noise, self defense, fighting, survival, Filipino martial arts, fire, revolvers, benchmade knives, cold steel, multi-tools, camping, mma, ufc, pride fc, hiking, fishing, Toque snuff, broken bones, scars, subtle intimidation, martial arts, Deutschland, comics, comix, graphic art, tolerance, conspiracy, ufos, tribes, animals, ammunition, gadgets, Neurosis, macs, asian food, food, chemtrails, cyborgs, droids, barbarians, dvd, nicotine, snus, Swedish snus, snuff, flashlights, felines, outdoor gear, European women, video games, food, cats, dogs, tactical gear, blood clots, vigilante justice, trout fishing, British people, knives, cutlery, surgery, hospitals, nurses, vets, travel, art, animal welfare, animal medicine, women with accents, Röda Lacket, energy drinks, yerba maté, wildlife, military history, beef jerky, learning from mistakes, psychological warfare, cryptozoology, WW2, history, lanyards, tactical nylon gear, dog and cat food, multi tools