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Location Los Angeles, CA, United States
Introduction Seduction City Mission Statement: There are a bunch of good downtempo stations out there; there exist a plethora of solid trip-hop options; and some great outlets for some chilled groove-itude. But nobody -- NOBODY -- has really been able to combine all three. Until now. Welcome to Seduction City. The most sublime, dangerous, unpredictable and seductive station on the web. Nay, the universe. Voted "Most Forbidden Radio Station" 15 months running.
Interests I am an inventor and scientist and I am running a number of important experiments right now. For example, in my upper left desk drawer I have a Grape Tootsie Pop which I lick once a day, every day until I get to the center. Which I hope happens soon because it's been 943 days and once that's over with I can start my next experiment -- namely, counting the number of sugar granules in a package of Fun Dip. Also, I am vice-treasurer of the "Culver City Potato Chips that Look Like Famous People" Club and my extensive Lays potato chip collection includes includes chips that resemble Ed Asner, the kid from the Life cereal commercials and Woody Woodpecker. Call me if you want to make a trade -- I am looking for Steven Seagal and Lassie.