Bridget Jones

About me

Occupation Not Specified
Location 7th Heaven, O-Town (Ottawa), Canada
Introduction Allergic to deceit and political correctness (been there, tried that, doesn't work--too lazy). Retired from dating. Constantly in a state of improvement. That should give you a hint about where I started from. Fan of most people except highway slowpokes. And meanies (if you're a bully, I'm your worst nightmare). Otherwise, I'm the world's biggest bleeding heart. Adore, love, am nuts about dogs and cats. One in particular, The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe, runs my life. Slightly reformed black belt shoppper. Katherine Hepburn is my hero(ine). Some folks have blood in their veins, I have music (no talent, just love the stuff).
Interests Writing, photography, gardening, movies, music (any kind), singing very badly, cooking, driving, animals, spirituality (auras, psychics, healing with crystals, astrology), hanging out with buddies, reading and keeping the house from falling apart.
Favorite Movies Philadelphia Story, High Society, all of the Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Harry Potter series, Robin Hood, PRince of Thieves, Blues Brothers, First Wives' club, Practical Magic, Little Nicky, Johnny Dangerously and XXX (the movie, not the classification).
Favorite Music Current rock, especially latin, R&B (yea Carlos Santana), just about anything but old country.
Favorite Books Hitchikers' Guide to the Galaxy, Lost Horizon, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, The Great Gatsby, anything by Scott Adams, Kay Scarpetta, A. Christie, Patricia Cromwell, Arthur Conan Doyle, Tom Clancy or Ludlum, Sylvie Brown.

Why do you think honeydew is the money melon?

Because everyone knows that cantelopes are broke.