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Gender MALE
Location Philippines
Introduction I bet that all people in the world must have known a person with the name Mark. Well, there's nothing really special about him. Like what I usually say, "Mark is just a normal guy living an abnormal life." He likes to write, eat, write, watch, then write again. When he was young, his best friend was a pencil he named "Pod". And everytime he would get a new pencil, he would always name it Pod. Why Pod,you ask? It's because his pencils usually either get their tips blunt or the eraser gets worn out (pudPOD) due to overuse. Actually, he admitted he felt guilty about it for awhile until he finally decided to just switch to using a ballpoint pen. He imagined how many trees are being cut to create new pencils. (Then he even got more guilty when he finally realized that he also had crumpled thousands of paper and threw it away after writing just a few words). Mark have always had a very boring existence but he manages to survive without a night life. His social life exists in the digital world and his friend as of the moment is his iPod (which he incidentally also calls Pod).
Favorite Books Deception Point, Angels and Demons, Chinese Cinderella, Abnkkbsnplko, MacArthur, Harry Potter series, Da Vinci Code