About me

Gender Male
Industry Fashion
Occupation Model, Piggy's bitch, Drummer.
Location Ljubljana, Slovenia
Introduction I'm just this little boy, trying to make it in everything life throws at me.~ I play the drums inna band called What!?, I also do the vocals at the moment, until Kaja gets a new micx..~ I love my pictures.. I live to draw, sketch and paint.. Especially people, people I love, people I hate.. I've drawn just about everyone, 'cept my ex, who, of all people I've met, is the only persona in the world I won't live to understand.. I sketch everyone according to what makes them special in my eyes..~ Uh.. I'm a great profilist.. I read just about anyone at first glance..~ I model >;\.. I do model shots.. For teh monehz... And for my love of photography, plus the egoboostâ„¢..~ I love my friends.. Five of those.. Grega, Piggy, Matic, Borut and Luxe..~ As I love Bor and Smole my bandeehs, and all of my groupies..~ I love my bikes... And my drumset!.. And the people who're there for me, when I need em... And those who never are / were..~ I love lots of things.. And just one special girl.. Who, I'll never cease to love, though she'll never know as she killed me... And I'm dead.. I've been dead for quite some time now.. Funny innit?!~
Interests Arts, Fashion, Photography, Drums, Singing, Music!, Modeling, Downhill, BMX, My baby xD..
Favorite Movies Requiem for a dream.
Favorite Music Indie / JTA / Progressive / Alternative / Fusion... Drumrolls..
Favorite Books Drumstick control for the snare drummer.. Currently..