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Industry Arts
Location Tempe, AZ, United States
Introduction Who am I? I am a happy bubbly smiling feisty creative woman who loves writing, art, good food, travel, women, teaching, animals, and life. I love to laugh, I love to read, I love my dogs and all my moments with Kendra. I've spent my life trying new things and growing. I've taught English in China, spent several years life guarding, traveled all over the United States, went to college at 30 because I found corporate life boring. I was a girl scout counselor for a summer at age 32,duel majored in cultural archaeology / parks and recreation, minored in geography and art. I've met my life partner and plan on spending the rest of my life listening to her sing, making her smile and laugh, and sharing everything. For fun I drum, I play video games, and have just started to teach myself cartoon drawing. When I am not in too much pain I cook, garden, train my dogs, and exercise. I also like to write, enjoy SCA, explore the world, learn new things. My life revolves around pain and over coming it but the pain is not all that I am. All of this is just a very small part of of who I am. I am me.
Interests alternate realities, ancient weapons, animal rights, animals, anthropology, aquariums, archaeology, archery, art, beaches, blue, books, bright colors, broom stick skirts, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, candles, canoeing, cats, celtic, china, computers, cooking, diabetes 2, dogs, drawing, drop dead fred, drumming, e-readers, eastern philosophy, elephants, equal rights, erotica, fairy tales, fall, firefly, fish, flagstaff, flowers, france, gardening, gay marriage, geeks, geography, goat cheese, goddesses, greece, guppies, halloween, happiness, healing, high thread count sheets, history, horde, human rights, italy, japan, karma, kendra, kink, lesbians, libraries, literature, little houses, love, magic, mars, martial arts, metal smithing, movies, munchkin, music, mythology, nature, nook color, occult, oceans, outdoors, overalls, paganism, paranormal, passion, pcos, peace, peacocks, philosophy, photography, pillows, poetry, politics, pottery, qi gong, quilts, reading, ren faires, rock climbing, rock collecting, romance, rpgs, sca, science, science fiction, scottland, service dogs, sexuality, sg-1, simple life, singing, smart women, spirituality, star trek, star wars, steam punk, sushi, swimming, swords, taoism, tauren hunter, tea, tea pots, thai food, the daily show, the dukan diet, travel, trees, urban fiction, used bookstores, vampires, walks, water therapy, werewolves, wildflowers, willow and tara, wine, winter, witches, wolves, women, world of warcraft, writing, x-men, xena, yurts, zen
Favorite Movies Drop Dead Fred, Under the Tuscan Sun, x-men, firefly, Starwars, Stargate, Star trek, All the Harry Potters, 50 first dates, the wedding singer, ever after, easy a

You've just inherited a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastics. What are you going to make?

I'd make the Lifesaver Bottles.... and I would find other green and environmentally friendly things to help make jobs for people while giving back to the world instead of taking from it.