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Gender Female
Industry Manufacturing
Occupation Macgraphics Inc. SignShopOwner
Location Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Introduction This Blog is dedicated to, and could really be blamed entirely on, GoLightly, the Irish Sport Horse SchoolMaster highlight of my riding life. I had ridden my own and other peoples horses, (usually getting the ride on the difficult/ challenging/no-one else was crazy enough to ride them horses:) I especially enjoyed starting beginner riders of all ages. I taught people to ride for many years. GoLightly taught me more in one year, than I had learned in 18 years of riding. I'm good with animals, not so much with people. My interests are in animal welfare and training methods of all animals.
Interests Horses, Dogs, Animals, Science, Farming, Gardening, Nature, Conservation, HumaneAdvocate
Favorite Movies BestinShow, Champions, AnythingwithJohnnyDepp, Babe, PharLap, ManFromSnowyRiver, MusicMan, Alien, Fosse! AllThat Jazz Chicago Cabaret SweetCharity
Favorite Music Rock'nRoll, U2, James Taylor, 54:40, TheWho, TheStones, TheBeatles, BlueRodeo, BagPipes, PinkFloyd, TragicallyHip(theearlyyears), Bourne&McLeod, RareAir, SpiritoftheWest, TheBox, sheeshHalfTheseBandsNoLongerExist, Supertramp, U2
Favorite Books AnimalsinTranslation, AnyGoodTrainingBooks, MontyRoberts, MichaelCrichton, The Stand, LadsBeforeTheWind, KenFollett, GeorgeMorris, IsaacAsimov, WilliamGoldman, Jamesherriott, FarleyMowat(someNotAll), DianFossey, T.H.White's A Once & Future King: Canadian Entry by Christilot Hanson