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Interests writing, poetry, fiction, altered books, collage, watercolor, artist books, spiritual life, yoga, nature, film, puzzles, teaching, fiction, Surrealism, Shakespeare, sonnets, Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, Russian literature, Dostovesky's notebooks, Nabokov, Lolita, the Bronte family, crafts, classical music, Oliver Sacks, astronomy, bookmaking, investments, Wall Street, lyric poetry, formal poetry, writing prompts, Emily Dickinson, Melville, Moby DIck, riddles, thinking outside the box, humor, Pan's Labyrinth, French, Italian, Russian, Costa Rica, New York City, Brahms, Bach, early music, experimental writing, literary magazines, illuminated manuscripts, etymology, calligraphy, Joseph Cornell, Van Gogh, mythology, outsider art, victorian jewelry, dreams, Jungian psychology, Ireland, graphic novels, cartoons, Ionesco, Mummenschanz, Philippe Petit, Rembrandt, economic theory, Robert Desnos, libraries