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Introduction I married my best friend, care for a sweet bunch of seven, and consider myself a jack-of-all trades but master of none. Some may consider me creative, but what I really love is to improvise. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, a good bargain, a good laugh, and a good cupcake.....not necessarily in that order, but pairing any of them only adds to the enjoyment.... I also love the company of my other best friend, my sis.... All of this is really the blah, blah, blah parts about me....the truth is, I wish everyone could have what I have... No, not my life, my family, my home, or my interests....I'm talking about My Father, my Savior- the complete forgiveness, acceptance, and love I receive. Jesus bore my rejection, washed my sins clean, clothed me in his robe of righteousness, and wraps me in grace and peace. In Him, I have found life and purpose. I love Him more than anything or anyone. I am complete with Him, and when this life is over, I get to spend eternity with Him. If you don't know what I am talking about and want to know more, let me know- we'll chat.