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Gender MALE
Occupation Waiting for John
Introduction Whilst waiting for John I pass my time staring at screen-savers, reading ingredient lists and old phone books. I encourage spam mail and try to make friends with the spammers. I count tiles, bricks and tins of soup and enjoy the sound of lawnmowers.
Interests Watching things:, dripping water, flies, rain, the postman, trains & buses, washing machines, microwaves, counting things:, tiles, bricks, cans of soup, hairs, verifying old shopping receipts, picking at wallpaper, Going to bingo with old people, Writing celebrity suicide notes
Favorite Movies Computer screen-savers, spam advertisements, heart machine monitors, LCD displays
Favorite Music Clocks, lawnmowers, lifts, traffic, running water, email alerts
Favorite Books Spam mail, phone books, ingredient lists, electrical instruction manuals, Out of date timetables, barcodes, calendars, Free bingo cards