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Location Macon, Georgia, United States
Introduction I'm a stumbling, bumbling follower of Christ, a sometimes excellent, sometimes excruciating wife of Mr. Wonderful, and a clueless, but purposeful mother of two girls, Daddy's Girl and Sunshine and a boy, Little Prince. All my imaginations as a child about being grown up were very romantic and I dreamed I, myself, would be very wonderful in it. The reality is just very, very different. Mr. Wonderful does not waltz in from work singing, the babies are not perfectly behaved and I am...well, not always so very fabulous. But it is a great life anyway, not always pretty, but great. How to Cook a Hot Mess is about my life and the people and experiences that are nothing like what I expected.
Interests I'm interested in how this brief span of time I'm here is going to "echo in eternity."
Favorite Movies Rebecca (I'm sure you've never heard of it.), Gladiator, Indian/Bollywood movies...I am sooooo into these!
Favorite Music It changes all the time. If it doesn't make me want to sing, move or feel something, I don't like it.