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Occupation Photographer
Location Pasadena, California
Introduction I'm the Maddhadder who people who are always after me to get better haircuts and drink less coffee. but my hair is a catastrophe, and my coffee habits, are worse. I'm a photographer and I love what I do. I take pictures all day because I felt it was time to stop wasting air and contribute something. I strive to be follow God with all me heart (ooo its a Jesus freak. so scary. quick run away): I'm a naturally friendly girl, trapped in the mind of an eccentric, and charismatic artist. I may seem like a wise and knowledgeable person. But as far as I can tell I'm mostly just a plain crazy person with a love for all things garlic, sugar filled, and shiny. And I've come to the conclusion that I'm basically still a child at heart. I dip things in BBQ sauce that should not ever be NEAR it, I still sleep with my stuffed animals, and run into hard surfaces on a daily basis. Like I said fairly funny, kind of lost, mostly scared, mainly hungry, and mildly temperamental....yet... under my starving, Mad-Professor like exterior is a good person trying to do something good in this world.
Interests God, Photography, Art, My Bed (dont judge), FOOD, Football, Dogs, My Husbandlady Nancy, Fast Cars, Karate, Learning differnet cultures, Surfing, Gaming (I kick ass in HALO), People, Baseball, Reading, Motocross, Soccer, Horror Movies, Dancing horribly in public, Tattoos, Insanity, Video with it.
Favorite Movies Fight Club, Underworld, Scarface, Ladder 49, Jeepers Creepers, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Wedding Singer, Little Miss Sunshine, Lost in Translation, Never Forever, Number 23, 40 year old virgin, The Princess Bride, Old Boy, Cloverfeild, Troy, Gladiator, Sordfish, X-Men, Dead Man On Campus, Sleepwalking, The Breakfast Club, The God Father, Batman Begins, Braveheart, STAR WARS, and every Disney movie ever made...that about sums it up!
Favorite Music GOOD MUSIC
Favorite Books Books...Are cool IF you can read......(WHICH! I CAN!).... every one say yay me! I LOVE books, which may or may not have been a good thing.... I basically had my head in a book all 4 years of high school....which equated to alot of bad grades....ehhhh.... at least I'm not addicted to crack or anything.

Describe the sound of a moist waffle falling onto a hot griddle.

Why do men haave nipples?