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Introduction I believe that writing is the most truthful form of identification. I believe in the yin and the yang. I believe as humans we are always in pursuit of a greater whole. I believe in being creative, just, fair, diplomatic, idealistic, harmonious and peaceful. I am indecisive. I am a child of an English father and a Spanish mother who each called me by a different name, spoke to me in their own native tongues, and introduced me to their respective religions. Because of them I am well-grounded. Because of them I am a lover of life and strong advocate for animals. I am a closet extrovert, a vocal observer, a learner and a teacher, a doer and procrastinator, a person who writes to-do lists but never finishes them. I believe you can find goodness in everyone; I believe people can love you but still hurt you; I believe in forgiveness, trust, and faith. I believe that if I fail as a mother, I've failed at the most important job in the world. I believe we should all find our purpose, our way, our own paths in life - that which brings fullfillment and peace, opens the spirit, and nourishes the soul. I am a person still on the road to learning. This is my life. These are my words.