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Occupation Pre
Location Both Coasts, United States
Introduction Working on multimedia projects which could save millions of lives (or should be..) starting with my own. Unregenerate thinker, writer, and recovering Registered Nurse.. now possessed of (or by) a rare and hideous neurological disease called CRPS. Continuing interests in true healing and imperfect medicine, translating the arcane into English, and figuring out how to keep having a ball even when options diminish.
Interests Sailing, living aboard, living with CRPS, travel, writing, fixing things, travel, computers, celestial navigation, UI design & usability, travel, history, travel, art & architecture, archaeology, literature, theater, modern languages, travel, communications, music, travel, playing flute, wishing I could still play flute, writing some more, learning theory, music theory, psychology, neurology, neurophysiology, fixing things, endocrinology & nutrition, anthropology, international relations, travel, vectors, matrix math, travel, wondering if I'll ever reconquer the quadratic equation, travel ... bored yet? I'm not.
Favorite Music Anonymous 4, Bach, Beatles, Corvus Corax, Chopin, Chapin Carpenter, Clapton, Faure, Fattburger, Feufollet, Julia Fordham, Green Day, Sonny Landreth, Mozart, Monkees, Rachmaninoff, Roches, Santana, Bob Seeger, The Who, Tubthumping, Bohemian Rhapsody, blues, Indian fusion rock, exactly one performance of one opera, anything you can really dance to
Favorite Books Authors:, Terry Pratchett, Michael Pollan, Jane Austen (despite/because of her obsession with money and sex), Salman Rushdie, Jasper Fforde, Giovanni Guareschi, Shakespeare (sorry, it's true), Lewis Thomas, Toni Morrison, both Gerald and Lawrence Durrell, Connie Willis, Neil Gaiman, Lois McMaster Bujold, Mark Morford, Christina Rodenbeck, James Croft, Laureen Hudson, Laura Perkins, Hunt Press, Roald Dahl, Herge', JRR Tolkien, P.G. Wodehouse, and, of course, Anon.

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Penultimate pedal peripheral