About me

Industry Technology
Occupation GIS technician
Location Morgantown, WV
Introduction I am a firm believer in equality in treatment of people, I love Jesus, Reef Flip Flops, Aerial Photography, Learning new things, walking, talking with people, coffee ( Jay's what what!). I love my dog Regis, but I want a German Shephard so badly I can taste it!
Interests God, running, swinging on swing sets, passing baseball, frisbee, reading, my family, Diet Berry Dr Pepper, and ice cream ( Ben and Jerrys Phish Food OMG!)
Favorite Movies Liar Liar, The Chronicles of Narnia, Office Space, An Affair to Remember, The Passion of The Christ
Favorite Music classic rock, contemporary Christian, country, hip hop (Anybody ever hear of Girl Talk? Pretty neat stuff)
Favorite Books The Bible, The Purpose Driven Life

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

This question is just irrelevant. I think a more suitable questions is - how many moles do I have on my left hand?