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Gender Male
Industry Publishing
Occupation Author
Location Hampshire, United Kingdom
Introduction Nick wanted to be that mystical figure, an author, from almost the very first book he read. As a child his mind constantly buzzed with characters and adventures, fed by an insatiable appetite for stories. Nick finally realised his dream with a second-hand laptop from ebay, while commuting regularly to London. The Helium 3 series were his first published books. After a twenty-five year career in financial services, Nick is now pursuing a portfolio career, which includes writing, church administration, business consulting, working in a call centre, and running his own computer coaching, administration, and book-keeping business. Nick is involved with various charities, including Counselling Together and Citizen’s Advice. Nick lives in the South of England, and is married with three children who all enjoy reading and writing as much as her does.
Interests In addition to writing, Nick lists his hobbies as gardening (the variety that employs a large pair of choppers and requires him to sit around admiring the view), swimming (because it frees his mind and releases his imagination), juggling (because he can), and one day he would like to learn to play the piano (because the trombone really isn’t a solo instrument and he no longer has a band).
Favorite Movies Butch Casidy and the Sundance Kid has to be the best film of all time. Other: The Bourne Identy + sequels, Catch Me If You Can, Mr & Mrs Smith.
Favorite Music Nick has an eclectic taste in music ranging from Motzart to The Fire-House Five (Dixiland Jazz).