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Occupation At-Home-Industrialist (Wife, Mom, Housekeeper, Cook, Personal myself!)
Location Texas
Introduction I like to read, write, do artsy-fartsy sorts of things - but I can NOT do math to SAVE MY LIFE! I joke that "I picked pretty". I don't have the side of the brain that comprehends math or science. I just don't have it. So when I get stumped, which is often, I simply bow out with "I picked pretty" - it's really not so much about vanity as it is, I'm just not wired by God to be the brainiac. And I'm really okay with that! When given the "if a train leaves the station on thursday at 10am traveling at 60mph..." question, my answer will always be "Shiny. Puppy. Lipstick." Who Cares!?!? That's what train schedules are for!
Interests I love people. All-things leadership. The church.
Favorite Movies The Wizard of Oz (duh! This sparkly-red-shoe-wearin-Dorothy is from KANSAS!) The Holiday, Love Actually
Favorite Music Rap - I know #whitegirlproblems
Favorite Books "Great Expectations" "The Great Gatsby" Psalms. Proverbs.