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Occupation Quirky Crafty Lady
Location Torquay, Victoria, Australia
Introduction My name is Amy and I am one of a pair, Crafter, Maker and Observer. Hunter To The Hunted is a way for me to keep track of all the the little (and big!) things that fill my day and my head. It is made up of my obsessions, freakouts, loves, wants, needs and things that I am hunting or have hunted down. It is also the name of my lovely little Etsy shop which is filled with handmade Collections of Curio, Whirls of Whimsy, Accumulations of Articles and Selections of Somethings!
Interests My Family (the one I was born into as well as the one I have chosen), crafty things, what other people are doing, music, imaginings, creativity, pushing the boundaries, quirkiness, fearlessness.