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Occupation Writer, Photographer
Location Indiana, United States
Introduction I love to write, and I love animals, my cat, drawing, books,I love to read. I live on a lake and have two dogs, a cat and a half (Pepper was my cat but she ran away not litaraly but just wont come home but I can still pet her.), 3 crabs, and over 100 worms and beetles In the summer we raise Monarch butterflies. I am 12 and enjoy photography.
Interests Animals, Anne Frank, Holocaust, Writing, books, becoming an author, Drawing, diaries, endless ocean, owls, dolphins, fairy tales, old movies, fantasy, butterflies, guessing B-day and Christmas presents, God, friends, coloring books, paint, lots of thinks, sinkholes, tornadoes, bridge disasters, earthquakes, Helene Berr, not eating my greens, writing this bio, dictionaries, ice cream, pizza rolls, sleep overs, blogging, blogger, uno, German, Dutch, Amsterdam, the secret annex, photos, quotes, my kindle, smacking Vance, being the boss, laughing, dreaming, me, making longs lists, making table of contents, poetry, love, winter, snowflakes, colors, fall, leaves, barbie fashionistas, jellyfish, hating hights, Japan, kittens, puppies, sibirian tigers, Dewey the cat, funnies, being a critic, The Legend of Zelda, photography
Favorite Movies Soul surfer, anime movies, Spirited Away, Edward scissorhands, Howl's moveing castle, Nausica of the vally of the wind, I like Megamind (even though I usuely hate Dream Works movies.), I like Because of Win Dixe, the Diary of Anne Frank, Radio flyer, Les Miserables, Charlie Chaplin movies, a lot of oldish movies, Anne Frank the Whole Story, willy wonka, watership down, the last unicorn, legend, never-ending story, the wizard of OZ, happy feet, pirates of the carribian 4, dolphin tale, the wonder years, little house on the prarie, andy griffith show, brady bunch, I love lucy, leave it to beaver, extream makeover home editian, cake boss, toddlers and tiaras, spongebob, jimmy neutron, Titanic
Favorite Music Bible music, last unicorn, Bright Eyes, There is time, All the pretty little ponies, Memory, Titanic theme, Nella Fantasiea, River of Dreams (opera), the water is wide, crackafungus, etc.
Favorite Books I like all sorts of books! just look at my blog for the list of all the books I read! I hope to add more to it. My favorite book is the 'Diary of Anne Frank.' But to give you some ideas: Holocaust, fantasy, non-fiction, fairy tales, Anne Frank, frankenstein, holes, milly-molly-mandy, frog and toad, hope for the flowers, out-of-print picture books, true animals stories, Wesley the owl, Flower Fairies, Cicely Mary Barker

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

There was once a bald frog with a wig. The end