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Gender Female
Location Hooterville, North Carolina, United States
Introduction The sweet profanity of my life: A yankee transplanted in the south, I'm trying to understand why mullets still rule down here, even as I scarf down pork rinds at flea markets. I have way too much of the inside voice making it out into an unsuspecting world. I don't believe in dieting; it's for food quitters. I may believe in exercising if speed typing, sex, and getting in and out of my car are definitions of the evil. My world revolves around the following people: Hubby (A-hole or JBaby, depending on mood. Mine.) Kendall/Missy - My 18 year old bitchy bitch darling. Colton/Boo - The 17 year old son who I adore that is the reason for my bald spots & grey hairs. Sam - The 89 year old ex-Navy vet that I take care of/Nurse, for a living. He is everything classic redneck. Welcome to Phat Mama!