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Introduction “A river entering a multidimensional glimmering surface, it is the river on the mirror…” . River on mirror is a space dedicated to a visual, textual and phonetic exploration in response to our daily context (high technology, new communications, institutional decadence, blue skies, confusion, contemporary alchemy and over-information). It is a tribute to those persons, actions, and meta-actions that have shown interesting ways of existence, paradoxically expanding its infinite limits and proposing a permanent reinvention of the self. A tribute to the present technospiritual scene: a gratitude digital totem to mamma natura, to gaia. A literal catharsis, a chaotic tour guide into a peculiar information cocktail... this is the river on the mirror.
Interests blue skies, geometry, hologram, information, wind, rivers, mirrors, nostalgia, technoshamanism, sexy witches, holotropy, tenderness, northern lights, iceland, paraphysics, magic, owls