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Introduction The story of how we met is your everyday typical boy meets girl story; except the boy and girl were one-year-olds playing peek-a-boo in the pediatrician’s office. It turns that our kids were born within two weeks of each other and we were both new stay-at-home moms struggling with the adjustment to full-time mommyhood. Little did we know that in a few short years, we would also be business partners. In the three years that we have known each other, our children have started school together, we became pregnant around the same time with our second children and discovered that we both wanted to start a business where we could have the best of both worlds. One morning in June 2009, Holly called with a brilliant idea. She was up in the middle of the night giving her baby a bottle when she noticed that the trash had not been taken to the road. She thought, "I need a service that does the reminding for me and in a way that my husband will think is fun." This is how was conceived. It was started out of the need to help women quit nagging their husbands. Our goal is to save women's sanity one clever reminder call at a time.