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Introduction Art was little more than a passing curiosity to me until I saw the works of artists such as Maxfield Parrish and Andrew Wyeth back in the early '70's. Through their work I gradually learned to see the world with a painter's eye. A nomad spirit seeking out the quiet, secret places of the natural world, I traveled the remote backcountry of the mountains, witnessing first hand these spectacular, natural vistas. I soon discovered that the camera held within it a special magic if one only took the time to learn to see with it. Here was, for me, the perfect marriage of the artistic vision and the tool to express it - and it has led me to an unlikely place; a traveler in search of what it means to truly see the world and who discovers a hidden truth. The vision has grown to include the more traveled places, the mundane every day places and things that most no longer see, so inured to the commonplace as we inevitably become. My chosen task is to break through that hard carapace, to bring you back to the spirit of the reality that lies just underneath the surface of our lives, to communicate again, even if for a moment, with that vital thread of life.