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Introduction Whats to be said about the Infamous Neurotic Piawacket, well i'm not your typical odd ball. I love deathly morbid things, black humor, being sarcastic. Very open minded and generally out spoken which luckily there is a filter for (most of the time) I keep mostly to myself and i love to be different and to keep people guessing. over dramatized makeup reflects me as a whole, as well as my many chosen hairstyles, the love for alternative beauty. (Just can't do it like i can) Oddly enough i've chosen cosmetology for a profession which is still being prosecuted. I work mostly with dreadlocks and color. I love any chance to explore my creative monster, knitting and crochet has become the biggest addiction to my life. For those special few in my life i love to make things that reflect them and our ties as a whole. I am happily married to a man who knows me better than i know myself, and accepts me for all i am (control freak) (obnoxious), he has bettered me and most importantly completes me, how oddly matched we are. Together we have three sons, a three year old, two year old, and 8 month old which makes life all the much sweeter and entertaining. They are my little goblins.
Interests Knitting, Crochet, Music, Writting
Favorite Movies Tenth Kingdaom, The Fifth the Element, the Blind Side, Twilight, Repo the Generic Opera, Get him to the Greek
Favorite Music Lady Gaga, Pink, Paramore, Lilly Allen, Katy Perry, Russel Brand
Favorite Books Twilight, Otherland, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Eragon, Kay Hooper

The hair from your last haircut ... what would it say about your new style?

as a rule man is a fool, always wanting what is not, when its hot he wants it cool when its cool he wants it hot. be Blessed Shit happens Cheeky bastard pointy sticks bugger do me a solid i'll do you a solid OY