El Keter ben Tzadik

About me

Gender MALE
Occupation Professional gentleman of leisure
Location Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Introduction My full name is El Keter ben Tzadik, but you can call me Keter, El Keter or El. And for your information Keter rhymes with "better", not "Peter. I'm a rapidly aging urbanite, webmaster, oldjack, backpacker, "real head", revolutionary, righteous Nazarite, womanizer, writer, photographer, videographer, music producer and record spinner who stays up all night, smells pretty and represents "Bangfield" to the fullest. I've been called a lot of things ... arrogant, intelligent, cute, fat, lazy, oblivious, inconsiderate, selfish, artistic, intellectual, talented, sweet, supportive, loving, sexy, a freak, a hater, an elitist, "the best," crazy, funny ... and the "mean champion to the stars, the surly bedreaded one."
Interests Life, love, sex, art, music, books, old records, movies, spirituality, history, politics, computers, activism, broadcasting, writing, blogging

Why do you think honeydew is the money melon?

Because it tastes like breast-milk.