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Occupation Catcher in the Rye
Location San Francisco, California
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Introduction I get a second wind at night, and my mind refuses to let me soar off to Dreamland. It slaps me around and booms, "No! You shall not join ranks with the responsible early risers." It tells me I should ponder responsibility, but under the convenient cloak of night...when I am unable to act...or am I???
Interests Nighttime mania, bug hunting, foreign films, dancing, fixating, tutti melon, academics, worrying
Favorite Movies Sleepless in Seattle (not really, but I had to go for the pun). Honestly, the films are mainly foreign, so I couldn't even tell you the titles.
Favorite Music Mellow and moody, rich and sultry, vivacious and funky
Favorite Books Anything that makes me feel better about my life...mainly tumultuous domestic fiction and short story collections