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Gender MALE
Industry Science
Occupation Novelist and Science Writer
Location Sylvania, Alabama, United States
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Introduction Been writing for 32 years, publishing novels, non-fiction books, radio horror plays, short stories, reviews, interviews, poetry and thousands of non-fiction automotive articles. I'm on my third agent, and have had 9 books and 16 short stories published, beginning in 1988. Writing Credits and History BOOK CREDITS:    Auto Repair Shams and Scams (Forward--Ralph Nader), 1990, Price Stern & Sloan, Los Angeles--226 pages, non-fiction, consumer warning book.  Garage Sale Mania, 1988, Betterway Publications, Crozet, Virginia--190 pages, non-fiction book—1988. Word Wars, a SF novel, to Rain Publishing, Canada—May, 2007.  Once Upon a Goddess, a Fantasy novel, to Rain Publishing, Canada—January, 2008  Planet Janitor—Custodian of the Stars, a SF novel sold to Engage Books, May 2009 Gate Walker, a Paranormal Fantasy, sold Lyrical Press—January, 2009. The Girl They Sold to the Moon, YA thriller to Intrigue Publishing  
Interests Hiking, paleontology, Ufos, cryptozoology, bigfoot, astronomy, lake monsters, ancient Egypt, archeology, geology
Favorite Movies Blade Runner, Time Cop, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Logan's Run, Transformers, The Time Machine, Kickass, Girl Interrupted, Hangover
Favorite Music REM, Abbaa, When in Rome, Steve Miller Band, SF and fantasy soundtracks.
Favorite Books Icerigger, Virgin Planet, Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Lord of the Flies, Close Encounters, The Island, Black Marble, Dune, Riverworld, The Mote In God's eye, The Forever War

How many books have I published? Ten to date, with four out on agent subs, and six more in the wings ready to go.