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Introduction The Botany Department of Trinity College Dublin was founded in 1711 and we carry on that tradition of excellence in teaching and research in plant science. Plants are critical to the health of our planet being the source of all our food, the oxygen we breathe and most of the medicines we use. We now know that plants are central to the processes of global climate change and for the future provision of food and energy for an expanding human population. So plant scientists have a pivotal role to play in combating the effects of climate change. In the face of such change their conservation is increasingly vital. So join us in this important challenge. Our logo is a rare Irish wildflower, Gentiana verna L. drawn by by Ms. Holly Somerville. Our contact details are: Email: Website: Postal Address: Botany, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland. Telephone:+353-1-896 1274 Fax:+353-1-896 1174 So get in contact and find out more about us